Like most when I think about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. words like strength, courage, and leadership come to my mind.  But recently after moderating a panel at a private screening of the Oscar nominated film Selma, I begin to reflect on the keys to his success.  What are the components necessary to achieve a dream?  I propose that you need faith, family, friends, and focus.  You need the faith to know that there is a power higher than yourself that is hearing your cries and responding to your prayers.  You need a family who will tell you the truth and cheer for you along the way.  You need friends to make you laugh and volunteer to work for all your crazy events.  And finally you need something to focus on!  For me my little girls are my main focus.  When my mind gets cloudy I make myself focus on how my decision will affect their future and emotions.  These four “f’s” keep me on the path to seeing my dreams come true.  I wonder what are your dream’s key components?