Totally had a blast performing as Ella in Patricia Cuffie-Jones’ & Kenny Lattimore’s stage production Love Soul Deep…talk about a beautiful challenge… had 3 days and 2 rehearsals to learn the entire script!  fear of failure is a hell of a drug… gotta admit I loved the rush…  nothing better than doing your passion… someone get the blood off the stage – murdered it!  Ok ignore that last statement… I think I listened to too much Tupac and spent to much time in Compton while I was in LA (lol)
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Black Women Film Network

I was so honored to be part of the 2015 Black Women Film Network Summit.  The work that Mrs. Sheryl Gripper, founder, is doing to fortify the next generation of female creators is amazing.  It was such a full circle moment for me.  Last year this time I was a hungry audience member eager eat any nugget of wisdom that the Hollywood greats dropped and this year I am looking at the audience members, dishing out my own nuggets… I seriously teared up in the middle of speaking on the panel… anyway enjoy the pictures and join the movement

Being interviewed on Atlanta & Co with BWFN Founder Sheryl Gripper
Being interviewed on Atlanta & Co with BWFN Founder Sheryl Gripper

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Thanks Guys

Just wanted to take a second to say thank you to all the organizations and schools that have invited me out to speak to their groups.   I am passionate about encouraging others to dream BIG and am so glad that God has opened the door for me to share His platform “you have not because you ask not”

Atlanta Christian Teachers Luncheon

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MLK Day Celebration Screening


  Like most when I think about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. words like strength, courage, and leadership come to my mind.  But recently after moderating a panel at a private screening of the Oscar nominated film Selma, I begin to reflect on the keys to his success.  What are the components necessary to achieve a dream?  I propose that you need faith, family, friends, and focus.  You need the faith to know that there is a power higher than yourself that is hearing your cries and responding to your prayers.  You need a family who will tell you the truth and cheer for you along the way.  You need friends to make you laugh and volunteer to work for all your crazy events.  And finally you need something to focus on!  For me my little girls are my main focus.  When my mind gets cloudy I make myself focus on how my decision will affect their future and emotions.  These four “f’s” keep me on the path to seeing my dreams come true.  I wonder what are your dream’s key components?

Selma Reflections – Essay Contest

Charity Jordan presents the Reflection of the Selma Essay Contest.

CharityJordan at NY Premiere Red Carpet

Youth between ages 10-18, are invited to participate in 500 word or less essay contest about their reflections after watching the film, “Selma.” This is an opportunity for youth to use the medium of writing to share their voice, feelings, and  convictions. Students are asked to submit their essay via email to,, no later than February 20, 2015.

Participants are asked to include a clear/recent picture of themselves as well as their name, grade level, and phone number with the essay submission.  Each entry must conclude with this final sentence:

“I, _______________ (name) accept Charity’s call to action and commit to encourage, educate, and elevate my community by ____________________________ (action) on a _________________(time) basis this year.

Sincerely ____________________(name) ”

Winners will be announced on by March 23, 2015.  Winners will be notified by email and phone call.  Cash Prizes will be delivered by mail to the 1st ($150), 2nd ($100), and 3rd ($50) place entry.  All essays and pictures become property of “Selma Reflections Contest” and  are subject to be used by Charity Jordan in the future.  Thanks for your participation.  #CTA3e  #marchon

Partying with O!

ok so it takes a lot to make me respond like an excited groupie… like i think its cool to meet popular people but since i fundamentally believe that we are all stars in our own right i usually skip pass the OMG shock and go straight relaxed conversation like we have known each others for years… but let me just say chilling with Omari, dining at Oprah’s, and partying with literally every African American living legend  turned me into a straight geek monster, TMZ intern, and oh sooo excited groupie!!! What a wonderful day… Only one more “O” to go…IMG_0285 IMG_0839 IMG_0412